SECTION 2: Eligible Activities

This section describes the many categories of activities that may be assisted using CDBG-DR funds. It also discusses a number of ineligible activities that may not be assisted. Guidance is also provided on documenting compliance with the CDBG-DR Consolidated Notice.

Ineligible Activities

An activity is generally considered ineligible if it meets any one of the following criteria:

  • Is not located in a Presidentially-declared disaster area;

  • Does not respond to a disaster-related impact;

  • Is explicitly prohibited by the appropriation law;

  • Is ineligible under the applicable CDBG regulations (and a waiver has not been granted);

  • Fails to meet a national objective; or

  • Purchasing equipment is typically ineligible. Some equipment may be eligible, for example: fire protection equipment considered to be an integral part of a public facility, equipment that constitutes all or part of a public service, or equipment that is attached to a structure and becomes an integral fixture.

Additionally, CDBG-DR prohibits:

  • Providing compensation to beneficiaries for losses or other disaster related impacts,

  • Repaying the balance of a mortgage loan prior to using assistance to rehabilitate or reconstruct their home,

  • Rehabilitating second homes, and

  • Assisting privately-owned utilities.

A Guide on How CDBG-DR Grantees Can Meet the Requirements of the Consolidated Notice